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I could barely walk and had a lot of pain. Now I am able to walk, I have a lot less pain, and I am able to stand up straight. The "hump" that was on my back is almost completely gone. - B. Freeman

I have made much progress in rehab. I can now walk without a cane at time. I am comfortable climbing and going down steps. My flexibility has improved dramatically. I look forward to rehab. My PT guys are great and push me for better results. - R. Drake

Before I began therapy I could not manage picking up my toothbrush to brush my teeth. Now, 7-1/2 weeks later, I can hold and drink coffee, brush my teeth, and wash my head. I am still weak but I have made leaps and bounds in the past two months. - C. Miller

Since beginning physical therapy, I am walking easier. Stairs are much easier to climb and not as much "knee cracking" when flexing and moving the knees. There is definitely a difference. - M. Coman

Before physical therapy I was using a wheelchair to run errands. After leaving my last appointment I was able to walk instead. -S. Piroch

Since beginning physical therapy, I've progressed from using a walker to a cane. I'm also able to drive independently and cook. -L. Eble

Before therapy I had a hard time picking up any weight because of my back pain. Squatting and sleeping were also very difficult. Therapy has helped me with all of this. Plus my normal daily activities. - M. Anderson

I am now able to walk short distances without the cane and the pain in the back of my legs has considerable diminished. - M. Andrews

Before physical therapy I could not raise my right arm up sideways. This morning I could raise it up above my head. My shoulder is much stronger. Therapy has helped improve movement in my shoulder. - J.M.

Before physical therapy I had a hard time reaching things because of my shoulder. It's now much easier. - B. Miller

Injury - turf toe. I was in a walking boot for 1 month. Before physical therapy - Couldn't move first three toes at all nor put weight on middle to inner part of foot. Now - can flex and curl toes, including big toe, can bear weight correctly on foot, can toe-up on foot both assisted and unassisted. Have started back to normal physical training - squats, running, and resistance training. Added bonus: circle of friends slightly bigger :-) - S. Tathey

Excellent progress from a broken leg and surgery. Weekly and daily improvement in strength and flexibility. Routines are easily implemented at home. - L. Wilson

Before physical therapy I could not shave, comb my hair, put on a t-shirt, reach above my head, or open doors. Now I can. - J. Skiva

Before starting therapy I was relying heavily on my walker for all ambulation, unable to lift my left leg off the matt, unable to stand and balance without holding onto something, unable to step over an item on the floor. Now, after therapy, I am doing all of these skills and my strength in my leg is much improved. My confidence is much better. I have been so impressed with this clinic. I decided to forego home health because I knew that I would get so much more at AccelAbility. I have been highly pleased with the quality of therapy and the therapists. Thanks for helping me achieve my potential! - N. Brinkman

Before physical therapy, my hip pain made it difficult to put on my shoes. Now I can put on my shoes much more easily. - J. Amason

Since I have started therapy I have greatly improved. I am able to walk with no pain. Go up and down stairs with little discomfort. Stairs have been difficult but over the last two weeks I have been able to walk stairs normally without feeling like I am falling. I am happy with the results and goals that I am accomplishing weekly and daily. - A. Medlock

Over the past 6 weeks I have progressed steadily, going from the walker to cane to "freestyle". They have worked with me on short, intermediate, and long term realistic goals. Improvement has been steady and results have been dramatic over time. Flexibility has improved from day 1 and nearly to acceptable tolerances. The entire staff has shown real concern over my improving and my condition without easing up on making sure I am improving. - J. Clark.

"Just had to share with you my latest achievement thanks to you. We just returned from the Easter LawFit Challenge in Virginia Beach. Among other things, I increased my sit and reach by 5 cm! In june I only got to 19 cm which cost me points and was the deciding factor to seek therapy. Last week I got 24 cm! Still about half the distance most people were but for me that was a huge gain. I can't wait to see how far I get by next June when we go back to Nationals." J.White

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