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Spine Rehabilitation

Whether you have back pain, radiating arm pain, neck pain or thoracic (mid-back) pain, we can help.  Your spine must be flexible, strong, and healthy in order to maintain a pain free body. Physical therapy focuses on controlling pain and symptoms as well as creating an individualized program that focuses on returning the patient to their optimal functional level. Below is an example of one our spine rehabilitation programs.

Lumbar Spine
Rehabilitation Program

WEEK 1 - The patient's symptoms of pain are managed.

WEEK 2 - The patient is independent in a gentle stretching and core stability program.

WEEK 3 - The patient is independent in a gentle strengthening program without an increase in symptoms.

WEEK 4 - The patient is able to initiate an aerobic rehabilitation program up to 15 minutes without an increase in symptoms.

WEEK 5 - The patient is able to combine the aerobic and strengthening programs prior to discharge from physical therapy.

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